EcoFlow is launching the DELTA mini; backup power for work and play

EcoFlow launches the new DELTA mini a new entry in the family of the DELTA and DELTA Pro. The DELTA raised over $2.5 million and the Pro raised over $10 million, launching EcoFlow itself into the forefront of battery backup technology. Theses wildly successful systems can single handedly power anything in the home, charge at an exceptionally fast rate, and easily pack in the camper to enable power tools or nearly any outdoor adventure. Despite the name, the mini packs a powerful punch.

With roots in global battery tech, EcoFlow grew to harness talent from around the world, quickly becoming a multinational company aiming to reinvent how we access energy. With energy concerns rising, more and more consumers are thinking seriously about backing up their home energy needs.

DELTA mini Capabilities

While the DELTA Pro is capable of backing up an entire home from several hours to even days, the mini is tailored for less stressful applications: light home backup, and working and playing outdoors where power is less accessible. At home, the mini can power about 90% of essential home devices with its 5 AC output ports (USA version). These absolute essentials include a band saw, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, and for when space aliens invade our sacred planet, the EcoFlow DELTA mini can also power a hair dryer.

Living with the DELTA mini

Carrying the DELTA mini is a miniature effort. It loads easily capping out at 23.5lbs, and holds the rough dimensions of a computer tower (14.88 x 7.2 x 9.45 inch). Recharging the DELTA mini is wickedly fast thanks to patented X-Stream technology. At its peak charge rate, using regular wall outlets, the mini can charge to 100% in 1.6 hours. As a point of comparison, an eBike battery is commonly a bit over half the capacity, and takes 4 hours to fully charge.

DELTA mini as Appliance Backup

The DELTA mini can be connected to your home appliances to automatically engage when a grid outage occurs. Within 30 milliseconds, the DELTA mini can automatically switch to the battery powered supply mode. This mini power station can power a car refrigerator for 12 hours, recharge a camera 35 times, a drone 12 times, or run a TV for 6 hours. With this kind of capacity, EcoFlow is proud to showcase a scenario running an outdoor griddle, blender, vacuum, and television set for the big game (video below).

New Business Partner, the DELTA mini

On the work front, the DELTA mini has a rated output of 1400w and 882kwh of capacity. Recharging can even be performed away from the grid. The DELTA mini accepts a solar input of 11-75V, 10A, 300W maximum, recharging exclusively from the perfectly shining sun in as little as 4 hours. EcoFlow has cloudy days covered, offering what they call Maximum Power Point Tracking. This smart algorithm can actively detect the voltage and current in real time to assist the solar generation in colder, cloudier environments.

Solar charging, home backup, camping and work utility, fast recharge and an MSRP of $999. Really, what’s not to love?

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