Harley-Davidson’s eye-catching vintage electric bicycles nearly sell out in one week

Harley-Davidson’s electric bicycle brand Serial 1 launched a limited edition e-bike known as the MOSH/TRIBUTE that has seen surprisingly fast sales despite its high sticker price.

The bike features an eye-catching design that mimics the original design concept debuted by the brand back in late 2020.

When Harley-Davidson announced that it was spinning off its electric bicycle program as a new electric bike startup known as Serial 1, the company made a splash by unveiling a stunning concept electric bicycle.

Complete with white tires, glossy frame and leather accents, the vintage-inspired concept was designed with cues borrowed from Harley-Davidson’s first ever motorcycle produced over 100 years ago.

Serial 1 ultimately followed up with production versions of electric bicycles that lost some of the fancy embellishments in favor of increased utility and realistic pricing.

But last week the brand demonstrated that it never lost sight of its original concept. Serial 1 announced that a limited edition run of MOSH/TRIBUTE electric bicycles would be produced that more closely mimicked the original concept bike.

Priced at $5,995, the MOSH/TRIBUTE bikes cost over $2,000 more than the standard Serial 1 MOSH/CTY bikes that they are based on.

But that hasn’t hampered sales, as evidenced by the quick sellout of the bike. In less than a week, Serial 1 has sold out of all of the large size models that will be produced and the company indicated that the remaining medium size models are also nearly sold out. With only two frame sizes available, that means the limited edition Harley-Davidson electric bike is nearly gone for good.

Serial 1 has indicated that there will be other limited edition e-bikes in its future as part of the new S1 series of custom and limited run e-bikes. But the MOSH/TRIBUTE may likely become one of the more collectible models due to its status as the first limited edition bike in the series.

Sporting a Gates carbon belt drive, Brose S Mag motor and TRP hydraulic disc brakes, the MOSH/TRIBUTE includes the same major components as Serial 1’s other electric bikes. It also has the same specs, including its 20 mph (32 km/h) top speed and 529 Wh battery custom-developed by Harley-Davidson using technology gleaned from the H-D LiveWire electric motorcycle program.

But in the aesthetic department, the MOSH/TRIBUTE is all its own. Key elements like the leather saddle and grips, brass accents, glossy paint, white tires and brown drive belt all contributed to the stunning aesthetics of the original vintage prototype.

Based on the success of the MOSH/TRIBUTE model, we can likely expect to see more interesting designs coming in Harley-Davidson’s S1 series of limited edition e-bikes in the future.

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