Tesla is back to a full vehicle lineup, but delivery timelines slip to almost a year

Tesla is now back to delivering its full vehicle lineup after Model X deliveries started this weekend.

However, it will be a while before the automaker catches up to the pent-up demand that was created over the last year as delivery timelines for the electric SUV slip to almost a year now.

The automaker updated all its delivery delays for new orders across all models this weekend.

Tesla spent almost a whole year without delivering at least one of the four vehicles in its lineup as it experienced delays in bringing its refreshed Model S and Model X to production.

With the start of refreshed Model X deliveries in the US this weekend, Tesla is now officially back to delivering its full lineup.

At the same time, Electrek noted that Tesla updated its delivery timelines for new orders across the lineup.

The most interesting update is to the Model X, which had almost a year to accumulate new orders.

Tesla now expects that someone placing a new order for a Model X Long Range in the US would receive it around September 2022:

That’s basically a full year of wait as Tesla works through its backlog of orders in the US and despite a significant price increase that came with the refresh.

The Model X Long Range now starts at $100,000.

Even if you decide to go with the more expensive Plaid version, which comes with the tri-motor powertrain, Tesla still pushed the wait from “May-June 2022” to “July 2022” in an update this weekend.

As for the new Model S, which Tesla has already been delivering since June, the delivery timeline for the Long Range version has been updated from “April-May 2022” to “June 2022”:

The production ramp-up for the Model S went well last quarter as Tesla already managed to accelerate production to 9,000 units between July and September.

It looks like demand for the more expensive and higher-performance Plaid version has stabilized as Tesla actually shortened the delivery timeline for new orders from “January-February 2022” to “December 2021.”

Interesting to note that the Model S Plaid is still $10,000 more expensive than the Model X Plaid. Traditionally, it has been the other way around at Tesla.

As for Tesla’s less expensive and more popular vehicles, they also saw some updates, but delivery timelines have been more stable as the automaker continued to deliver them in the US throughout the last year.

The Long Range Dual Motor and Performance versions are quick to get with new orders being delivered as fast as December and November respectively:

But for the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which is Tesla’s cheapest vehicle, the delivery timeline for new orders just slipped from “April 2022” to “May 2022.”

That’s a seven-month wait for Tesla’s cheapest vehicle in the US.

The Model Y wasn’t affected by Tesla’s updated delivery timelines with April 2022 for the Long Range version and December 2021 for the Performance version remaining the expected delivery delays for new orders in the US:

Model Y is now becoming Tesla’s most popular vehicle, and the automaker has been putting a focus on increasing production.

Once the automaker ramps up production at Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas, Model Y should become Tesla’s first vehicle with more reasonable delivery timelines across all versions.

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