Hezbollah leader condemns ‘dangerous’ killing of Hamas deputy leader

The leader of Hezbollah has condemned the “dangerous” killing of Hamas’s deputy leader, and warned Israel there will be “no ceiling and no rules” if it wages war on Lebanon.

Hassan Nasrallah vowed Hezbollah “will not be silent” following the killing of Saleh al Arouri in a drone strike in southern Beirut yesterday.

Hezbollah has claimed Israel was behind the attack – but Tel Aviv has not yet commented on the strike.

In a televised address, Nasrallah said “war with us will be very costly” and anyone waging conflict against Lebanon “will regret it” as Hezbollah will fight “until the end”.

He offered his condolences to Hamas for what he called a “flagrant Israeli aggression” on Tuesday night that killed al Arouri.

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