Biagi Bros. posts pictures of its ten (10!) Nikola hydrogen semis

Just hours after Nikola announced that it had completed the first North American deliveries of its hydrogen fuel cell electric semi trucks, Biagi Bros. Logistics took to social media to post pictures of its new fleet of Nikolas. Plural.

While we’ve seen a few stories about Nikola’s HFCEV semi trucks in recent weeks, all those pictures of trucks looked kind of alike. Like, if you were a NKLA skeptic, they looked enough alike that you could squint and convince yourself that they were all pictures of the same truck, maybe.

The Biagi Bros. pictures? They’re different.

For starters, despite the fact that I’ve enjoyed a great relationship with both Nikola and Bosch – Nikola’s fuel cell and drive unit supplier – and have even ridden around in the trucks at a number of different events, I’ve never seen this many Nikolas trucks in one place. Add to that their striking green and yellow liveries and I think you’ll agree: it’s an impressive display.

Biagi Bros. Nikola hydrogen trucks

“In a world that is quickly changing, innovation is the foundation for progress, growth, and sustainability,” said Stacey Biagi, in a LinkedIn post. “It doesn’t get more innovative than zero-emission trucks.”

For their part, the Nikola people seem just as proud of the Biagi Bros.’ new toys as Biagi! “Biagi Bros. representing with 10 new Nikola Corporation hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks in their ZEV fleet,” posted Dan Passe, Nikola’s head of communications and marketing. “An amazing sight and even more amazing effort!”

Nikola delivered 35 hydrogen trucks to dealers in 2023, reserving seven for continued testing and fleet demos (42 in all). Every truck delivered to dealers is spoken for by an end user, according to Nikola, and some are already in service.

Electrek’s Take

Peter Johnson did a great write-up of Nikola’s year-end deliveries and stock prices, and you should absolutely check that out. This post is all about the fact that these green (and, well, “green“) trucks look the business, and Biagi Bros. drivers are definitely going to be turning heads as the drive up and down the California coast.

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