Scout Motors will unveil two flagship EVs this summer, here’s what we know so far

Revived truck brand Scout Motors has set the timetable for the debut of its first-ever EVs. This summer, the public will catch a glimpse of an all-electric pickup and an SUV the Volkswagen sub-brand has been developing since its recent inception. Here’s what we know.

The current iteration of Scout Motors is derived from the beloved nameplate of off-road vehicles built by International Harvester in the ’60s and ’70s. While only about 530,000 Scout trucks were built during its 20-year production run, the early Jeep competitor still holds a small but passionate fanbase.

In 2022, Volkswagen Group shared plans to capitalize off that heritage and revive the namesake for the modern, EV age while still delivering customers the rugged, off-road performance its remaining predecessors are still celebrated for. With the help of contract manufacturer Magna International, Scout Motors has two initial EV models in development

We know the two flagship models will be built in the US, specifically in South Carolina, but so far, we’ve only seen broad renderings of them. The young EV brand is currently working through design and development in Novi, Michigan, while a new Innovation Center is being built nearby.

Meanwhile, construction of Scout Motors’ production facility in The Palmetto State is underway. Before those builds begin however, we still need to see what Scout Motors’ first two EVs look like and know we know when to expect that milestone.

We’ll get a look at Scout Motors’ first EV in late summer

Per an update to the Scout Motors website, an EV reveal is being planned for late summer 2024. Exactly when or where this anticipated event will occur remains TBD. Still, we hope to get the invite as we were there for the groundbreaking ceremony in South Carolina this past February.

That’s about all we’ve learned about new information surrounding Scout Motors’ first two EVs, but previous conversations with executives, including CEO Scott Keogh, have hinted at what to expect during the summer reveal.

In talks with Electrek, Keogh expressed the advantage Scout Motors has as a clean slate design approach that, unlike most young EV brands, has an existing heritage backed by the purchasing and production expertise of parent Volkswagen Group.

That said, Scout intends to do its own thing regarding EV development and design. Scout’s Chief Production Officer, Dr. Jan Spies, told us that the platform technology Scout’s first two trucks will sit atop is “not a twin, daughter, or brother” to any of the platforms currently used in the larger VW Group.

Spies elaborated, saying Scout Motors’ bespoke EV platform gives it an advantage in terms of development speed and offers a beautiful opportunity to deliver a unique car for its environment. Keogh assured us the two bespoke EVs are both “badass” and “robust,” designed to tackle the elements and stay true to the legacy of trucks that inspired them.

(Source: Scout Motors)

We expect Scout to sacrifice a bit of range in exchange for such off-road performance, but we won’t know where those numbers land until the official reveal. In February, Scout Motors’ CEO said the final designs of both trucks were super close, with the actual engineering of the EVs to quickly follow.

While the young automaker has confirmed it will unveil both models in late summer, we have already been warned that EV production will require some cadence while the South Carolina plant continues to scale. Which model will be built first has yet to be determined… or at least made public. Maybe we will find out in a couple of months. We will report back then!

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