First discount on Segway Navimow H Series robot lawn mowers, Juiced e-bike flash sale, 1-day Greenworks and Worx deals, more

Today’s Green Deals are all about getting your garden and lawncare tasks finished so you can have a little fun around town. Leading the pack is the very first chance to save on Segway’s three new Navimow H Series Robot Mowers that start from $1,599. They are joined by the latest Juiced flash sale that is taking $100 off any e-bike under the brand – including discounted models – with a bigger $150 off on its newest pre-order model. We’ve rounded out this work-play-work sandwich with seven Best Buy one-day deals, headlined by the powerful 3,000 PSI Greenworks electric pressure washer, as well as four other tools from the brand and two others from Worx. Plus, all the other hangover Green Deals that are still alive and well.

Head below for other New Green Deals we’ve found today and, of course, Electrek’s best EV buying and leasing deals. Also, check out the new Electrek Tesla Shop for the best deals on Tesla accessories.

First chance to save on Segway’s new Navimow H Series Robot Mowers starting from $1,599

Segway is offering the first chance to save on its new Navimow H Series Robot Mowers starting from $1,599 shippedafter using the on-page promo code CUT$300H at checkout. Fetching $1,899, $2,199, and $2,599 respectively since their release in March, this is the first official discount that we have seen on these brand new smart lawncare solutions, giving you $300 in savings and marking a new all-time low for each going forward. It even matches the deal over at Amazon, where all three models are receiving the same $300 discount.

Segway’s Navimow H series encompasses three models for varying sizes of yards: a 0.2-acre model with a 180-minute battery life on a single charge, as well as a 0.37-acre model and a 0.74-acre model that both offer an extended 240 minutes of battery life. All three offer the same cutting height range of 1.2 inches to 2.4 inches, can handle up to 24-degree slopes with ease, and come with an IP66 waterproof rating to better stand against adverse weather conditions.

Segway’s standout upgrade to these Navimow robots is the tossing out of any perimeter wires in favor of RTK positioning, coupled with a VisionFence Sensor, for superior navigation and obstacle avoidance. You’ll have the typical smart controls of course, to overwrite and adjust settings, schedules, performance – but you’ll also have the freedom to forget about it and let it just do its thing – returning itself to its charging station when too low on power and picking up where it left off once recharged. It accomplishes all this thanks to the guidance of Global Navigation Satellite Systems that keep it within the boundaries you set and also track it down if it gets hung up on some terrain or even stolen off the property.

For more affordable options, you’ll also find the two new Segway Navimow i Series Robot Mowers now available for purchase as well, starting from $999, with prices matching at Amazon. These models are designed for either 1/8-acre yards or 1/4-acre yards and provide much of the same smart functionality, RTK navigation, and obstacle avoidance as the above models. You can get the full rundown on what to expect with these by reading through our announcement coverage from earlier in the year.

Juiced HyperScrambler 2 Dual-Battery e-bike within post for Segway Navimow H Series Robot Mower

Juiced Flash sale takes $100 off any e-bike – including already discounted models

Juiced Bikes has launched a short-term flash sale that is taking $100 off any e-bike under its brand, including dropping the pre-order price on the new JetCurrent Pro by $150. The biggest savings opportunity during this sale, however, is on the HyperScrambler 2 Dual-Battery e-bike for $1,999 shippedafter using the promo code LETSRIDE100. Already down from $3,499 while on clearance sale, this model ended 2023 having seen it fall to a $2,199 annual low, with the new year so far increasing savings as low as $1,924 during recent flash sales. Today’s deal ultimately gives you the second-lowest price we have tracked, saving you $1,500 on this commuter solution. You can learn more about the HyperScrambler 2 by heading below or checking out our review.

This moped-style e-bike comes in three colorways (blackred, and silver) equipped with a 1,000W retroblade motor and two 52V batteries that reach a top speed of 30 MPH while traveling up to 100+ miles on a single charge. It features a unique combination cadence and torque pedal assist, that measures your pedal force 1,000 times a second to apply proportional power to your own effort while simultaneously receiving over 100 signals per crank revolution to eliminate any lag that one might feel with a traditional 12-magnet cadence sensor alone.

Your new e-bike will also arrive with a full accessory detail: custom padded double seat, a large LED headlight as well as a tail/brake light, front and back turn signals, two rear-view mirrors, an alarm, a kickstand, a USB charging port for your devices, and a backlit LCD display that gives you all the important real-time metrics.

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Best Buy one-day deals on garden and lawncare equipment

As part of its Deals of the Day, Best Buy is offering the Greenworks GPW3001 Electric Pressure Washer for $399 shipped. Normally fetching $679, this combo kit has only seen three discounts since the new year began, with two of them being similar one-day sales from Best Buy at higher rates and one being a longer, but short-lived drop to its $350 low. Today it comes in as the second-best deal we have seen, giving you $280 in savings and an opportunity to snag a great addition for your tool arsenal at an affordable price.

While April showers bring May flowers, nobody ever wants to clean up all the pollen that seems to accompany their blooming every year, but with this Greenworks electric pressure washer, you’ll have all you need to give your home’s exterior a thorough cleaning. The conveniently mobile frame houses a 14A TruBrushless motor that provides 3,000 PSI at a flow rate of 2.0 GPM, plus it comes with an array of accessories like the 25-foot non-marring hose, 5 different nozzle tips – including turbo and soap nozzles – with on-board storage space for all of them. It also sports Greenworks’ Total Stop System that shuts off the pump automatically when not actively engaging the trigger, saving you energy, money, and extending the pump’s lifespan. With it coming as part of a combo kit, you’ll also be receiving a short spray gun kit, two microfiber mitts, and a 15-inch surface cleaner attachment.

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Best Buy is also offering one-day deals on a pair of Worx equipment, with the Worx 20V Power Share Cordless 22-inch Hedge Trimmer at $78, down from $120, as well as the Worx 12A TURBINE 600 CFM Electric Leaf Blower for $55, down from $80. The hedge trimmer provides you with a 3/4-inch cutting capacity for up to 40 minutes of runtime with its 2.0Ah battery (interchangeable within the Power Share family), that also sports a few ergonomic designs for a more comfortable user experience. The leaf blower’s 600 CFM of power reaches up to 110 MPH in sweeping force, with two speed modes and a retainer to keep its power cord plugged in, even if the line is snagged or being tugged on.

Summer e-bike deals!

Hover-1 Helios electric folding scooter within post for Segway Navimow H Series Robot mowers

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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